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Pest Profile: Field Mice

Published In: Pest Profile, rodents

Being from Florida, I really do not like the cold. It makes me want to stay inside and stay snuggled on my couch with a warm glass of tea. However, I am not the only one that wants to be inside during these frigid months. Field mice have the same feelings about the cold as […]

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House Mice in Winter

Published In: rodents

What happens to house mice when the temperature drops? Although insects decline as the temperatures drop, warm-blooded pests like rodents are still as active as ever. When the outdoors become inhospitable, rodents travel in search of warmth, food, and shelter, which often leads them into our toasty, food-packed homes. The small and curious house mouse […]

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Rodents at Large (Norway rat, Roof rat, house mouse)

Published In: rodents

Kristen Stevens, BCE Corporate Entomologist, Cook’s Pest Control Cooler Weather Means Rodents Looking for Somewhere to Stay Warm As cooler weather approaches, so do rodent issues. Rodents, like any other pest, are seeking food, water and shelter when you find them inside your facility. They are there because inside seems like a cozy, great place […]

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Spring is Coming

Published In: rodents

Spring. A time of rebirth, renewal, new life… and the resurgence of pests. We’re not the only ones enjoying the warming weather. The house mouse, house fly, and eastern subterranean termite are among the most troublesome pests to come with the changing of the seasons.

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Mouse vs. Rat

Published In: rodents

Many people refer to mice and rats as “the same thing,” when in reality, they are anything but. Mice and rats and distinctly different in both appearance and behavior. Control efforts vary depending on whether you have an infestation of mice or rats.

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